These are ways to take action if your home, business and/or school is being impacted by jet noise and pollution.


#1 Attend public meetings

Attend airport meetings, resident association meetings, and congressional town halls. Visit our calendar page for upcoming events.


#2 Submit noise complaints

Its important for more residents to submit complaints. Use any one of the following methods:

  1. Purchase a subscription to submit via web or with a button sent to you from AirNoise. Each time you tap the button it automatically calculates the aircraft, altitude, what airport (VNY or BUR) it is arriving/departing - and sends the complaint for you. AirNoise provides a history log of ALL complaints that you submitted. https://airnoise.io/

  2. File a free complaint using the Van Nuys Airport (VNY) form: https://viewpoint.emsbk.com/vny1 (desktop)

    https://viewpoint-app.emsbk.com/vny1 (mobile)

    This directly allows you to make complaints. It provides a history log of the last 50 complaints that you submitted. You can also request up to 5 “replies” each month.

  3. Call 800-560-0010, press 2 and follow the prompts.

  4. Have more time? Use free Webtrak to track flights (VNY and BUR - including type of aircraft and altitude), and then make a complaint (it also uses the form in #2 above). Due to security, flights shown on WebTrak occurred 30-60 minutes in the past (not in real time). Make a note of the date/time the aircraft was nearby, then view it by clicking the Historical tab at the bottom left of the dashboard and entering the date/time (up to 90 days past). Note: Use military time (e.g. 2:30 pm is 14:30 pm). Be sure to keep a record of it by taking screenshots. Click here for additional instructions.


#3 Contact government officials

There are several ways in which you can respectfully reach out to public officials through calls, emails and via in-person public comments at meetings. Visit our Government Resources page for phone numbers, etc. Please contact us for instructions on how you can achieve the best results.

  • Coordinate and work together with City of Los Angeles officials to ensure they know what we’re doing, to provide our unique perspective and experiences to inform their evolving strategy against the FAA.

  • Contact state and federal representatives to encourage their support.


#4 Volunteer to help our cause

Our organization is comprised of private citizens who are volunteering their time. Aside from proactively attending meetings and registering complaints, we are looking for other volunteers! Please contact us if you have skills or a willingness to volunteer your time for one or more of the following:

  • Join our neighborhood outreach program. Tell your neighbors! Use our official flyer to distribute door-to-door or via email. Explain what is happening and that this is a community issue. More residents need to voice their concerns. Download our official flyer here. (Revised with new VNY complaint form link on 4/2/19.) Please contact us for more information.

  • Outreach to public officials (see #3 above)

  • Outreach to media

  • Post announcements to social media


#5 Make a tax-deductible donation

Now you have the opportunity to help out with a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation. Please consider helping - any amount, large or small, is welcomed. NOTE: Thank you everyone who donated to help us reach our recent fundraising goal. We will be starting a new campaign soon. If you’d like to pledge please contact us.